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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Why you should host a small wedding

Small weddings are more memorable for all

Whether you’re an event coordinator or a happy couple heading towards their big day, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make it magical. We know India is known for its extravagance, but in some cases, it does not always mean more. It’s time to rethink the way we celebrate weddings in India, and one of the most sensible is hosting a small do. Here’s why:


Choosing to celebrate a small wedding in India opens up a plethora of spaces you can choose from. Think of rustic farmhouse backyard with a boho theme, tropical setting in a beach shack or even a luxury sunset cruise. One of the most unique wedding venues in Goa is Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel. The 17th century fort is a gorgeous heritage structure fitted with lavish amenities and boasts a stunning location overlooking the Arabian Sea with an unobstructed, panoramic view of the sunset.


Having a short invite list means you will have time to meet and interact with guests at leisure. You will avoid long queues that take most of your evening to get through and those tiresome photographs with each guest will be non-existent. Instead, you will be able to thank each guest and spend time talking to them. It’s a beautiful opportunity to touch base with the in-laws and listen to interesting stories from the past. After all, you are now a part of each other’s family and this is a great way to get integrated.


Small weddings do not necessarily mean cheap or small budget. Those are, indeed, good ways to go too. But if the purse strings are not all that tight, small weddings mean you will not have to sacrifice your dreams. You can import a certain kind or print of fabric, get a designer wedding dress or suit, or recreate a fantasy theme you imagined as a child. Pull out the stops with food and drink, get a cake that wows, or add a special pre- or post-wedding event to the works. If budgets are tight, you can save the money you would have spent on a big wedding and spend it on a spectacular honeymoon instead!


Big weddings come with lots of drama. No matter how much you try, there will always be a couple of stressed family you will have to calm down while trying to keep it together yourself. Small weddings mean you will have more time in the run-up to finish preparations well beforehand, and also avoid the stress of dealing with large numbers. Guests tend to be more accommodating at intimate events, even in the rare case of something going awry.  

Small weddings in Goa

Small weddings allow you to focus on what you love


Small weddings are more easily customisable. By reducing the number of guests, you can look at different ways to make it memorable for them, rather than just one of a dozen weddings they attended in the year. You could personalise your decor and give each guest a customised gift. Or even go DIY with items like invitation cards, table centrepieces and give-aways.


With small weddings, destination weddings are an easy option. Extended relatives, acquaintances and colleagues will be less inclined to travel far for your wedding, so you will be sure to have only family and friends important to you as you exchange vows. Choose Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel for your destination wedding in Goa, where you can have the luxury of hosting all your events in one destination. The spectacular view, luxury accommodation and unique location will definitely make it a wedding to remember.

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