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Thursday, 07 September 2017

How to host a killer Bachelorette party in goa that spells Class


Bachelorette Party Goa

Source:;Bachelorette Getaway at Fort tiracol Goa

Empty glasses, sticky floors, food carnage, and of course, the dreaded hangover from hell that gets infinitely worse at the thought of spending another day in your messed up hotel room. Hen nights have a way of saying ‘let’s do this again, but not anytime soon’ simply by virtue of the after effects. Let’s erase all of that and bring you the ultimate amongst bachelorette parties Goa that gives you the perfect formula for fun, relaxation and good times.

Whether you’re the maid of honour doing the dirty work or the bride who got lumped with making the plans, a bachelorette party in Goa is your quick fix answer. But stop yourself right there and ask whether you truly want a long weekend of solely binge drinking – basically your college hostel all over again, just with a body that doesn’t recover as fast.

Bacherolette Party Goa

Source:; Bacherolette /Wedding Party at Fort Tiracol Hotel

Instead, head to Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel to switch things up. It might say heritage, but that doesn’t mean it’s old-fashioned. You’ll have some chic digs for your bachelorette weekend, waking up in luxury to a stunning view that is an instant cure for a headache.

Take off slow. Nothing kills a great weekend faster than a woman down on the first afternoon. Brunch is a great way to pick up where you last left off, and allow time for the entourage to break the ice with each other. Go big on the eggs, salads and fresh local fish with lots of good quality wine. The Tavern at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel is one of the few boutique hotels in Goa that offers an excellent selection of wine served at the right temperature – thanks to their special wine cooler.

Champagne with a view over the Arabian Sea

Champagne with a view over the Arabian Sea

Over the course of your weekend, you’ll find the restaurant the ideal place to regroup, with its spectacular view of the Arabian Sea, the quiet beach across the river and the lush valley of coconut palms that stretch as far as the eye can see. Your guests will have none of that awful cheap Chinese or dubious Indian comfort food from the local dive bar. Instead, there’ll be hearty, wholesome food that looks as delicious as it tastes thanks to the menu by renowned chef Christopher Saleem Aga Bee.

Now for the partying. We’d suggest starting out just before sunset, at least on the first night. A gorgeous lookout at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel is the ultimate spot for sundowners and tapas. Create spectacular memories made for photographs so you can set your phones away in a safe place before things get wild.

Goa’s parties get better each year.

Blogger Group Bachelor Bachelorette Getaway

Group Bachelor Bachelorette Getaway Party

Sunset Ashram in Mandrem is one of the closest places – and one of the hippest – to head to, where top DJs spin tracks just off the shore in the midst of a sun-kissed lounge inspired by Ibiza.

If you want a pool right by the sea and the promise of live music, head to The Lazy Dog Lounge, also in Mandrem. Talent from around the world play their heart out on the stage here. It’s got a relaxing, chill vibe and you and your girls can lounge in your swimmers until your skin turns wrinkly.

In Morjim, head for Club M at Marbela Beach Resort which puts on a great show of entertainers coupled with electronic music. You can slip in a spa day here at M Spa before taking the party to the beach. Further down, before you hit the popular nightlife zone, you’ll find Teso Waterfront in Siolim, a gorgeous property overlooking the river with weekly techno and house parties by Soma Project.

Bachelorette Party Goa

Source: Marbela Beach, Goa; Bachelorette Party Marbela Beach Morjim Goa

If you’re looking for spaces where the crowds go, head to Club 9 Bar for psy-trance, Hilltop for Goa trance and Waters for chance celeb spotting (all in Vagator), Shiva Valley and Curlies for your quintessential ‘Goa beach shack’ experience, Nyex for the stunning view off the cliff (all in Anjuna), and Club Cabana in Arpora for neon-friendly partying.

Hit any one of the clubs and pubs down Tito’s Lane in Baga, or go hopping like is usually done – the most popular ones are Café Mambos, Cape Town Café and Tito’s. You’ll want to pop into the Saturday night markets on your way there. SinQ Beach Club and Cohiba are the popular spots in Candolim.

Bachelorette Getaway Party Tiracol Goa Source:Instagram @alternist

Bachelorette Getaway Tiracol Goa Source:Instagram @alternist

The day after is always hit-and-miss at bachelorette dos. There’ll always be some vying for more, and others who just want to cower under the covers and wish they were dead. The answer is a day at a quiet beach with a hangover picnic basket. The adrenaline junkies can indulge in adventure sports or even fishing by the rocks – which the staff at Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel can help arrange. The rest can spend the day lounging under palm trees and sipping fresh, revitalising tender coconut water.

Follow this up with a delightful BBQ dinner under the stars where the chefs will grill the fruits of your fishing trip and throw in some

Bachelorette Parties Goa

Source: Fort Tiracol; Seaside Party at Fort Tiracol

additions of their own. You can opt for another night out, or stay in for a boozy pyjama party and games of cards.

Take it easy on your last day with some culture tripping and shopping. Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel arranges day trips to a variety of places including a walk through a serene Goan village, a visit to local farms and salt pans for an insight into traditional occupations, bird-watching by boat, and a four-hour class to learn how to make your favourite Goan dishes.

So get your girls together for a bachelorette getaway in Goa that says ‘let’s do this again soon’!

Bachelorette Party Goa

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